IDOMI How to order

How to order

We will send you a measurements sheet after you place an order using the application form below.
You will fill in the measurement data on the measurement sheet and reply.
Note that specifications may not be changed after production based on the order begins.

Flow from order placement to receiving the product

Step 1. Place your order

First, use the order form to place your order.
* Note that your order is not yet final at this point.

Step 2. We will contact you

We will contact you within seven or ten business days to discuss a date and time to take your physical measurements.

Step 3. Measurements

Take your measurements yourself.

We will send you a measurements sheet.
Please enter your measurements on the measurements sheet and return it to us.

* A fee may apply if an order is cancelled after measurement.

Step 4. Sales agreement

In about 1 to 1.5 months, we will send you a design (measurement data) and an order form in writing.
Review the design, sign the enclosed order form, and return it to us.
The sales agreement becomes final when we receive the signed order form.

Step 5. Payment

After we receive the signed order form, we will send an invoice.
Please remit payment to the bank account designated on the invoice.
Production of your order will begin after we have confirmed payment.

Step 6. Production

We will produce your order based on the design you approved.
Production takes about three months.
* Factors related to the order may affect the delivery date.

Step 7. Completion and delivery

After production of your order is complete, we will contact you to discuss a date and time for delivery.
Your order will be shipped after you visit Yachiyo’s Saitama R&D Center once again for positioning adjustments. Your order will be delivered together with a delivery statement, written guarantee, user’s manual.
* If you prefer, you can pick up your order yourself.
* The purchaser is responsible for all transportation costs.

Your privacy

We use the personal information provided by our customers to provide after-sales service, send information on products and events, and other such purpose.
See our Privacy Policy for more information.

IDOMI order form

An email confirming your order will be sent to the email address you provided.
If you do not receive this email, please contact the Racing Wheelchairs Customer Service Counter

Before placing your order, make sure you fully understand the order process, the steps from ordering to product delivery, and the provisions regarding your privacy.